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    We are pleased to announce that the 37th International Conference on Psychology and the Arts, originally to be held in Montreal, Canada, will occur online from June 30 to July 3, 2021. The conference will be hosted by the PsyArt Foundation.

    Image of FreudUnder the leadership of Norman N. Holland, the PsyArt Foundation began in January, 1993. It supports psychological and psychoanalytic approaches to the study of the arts, including literature, film, and the fine arts. The Foundation’s mission is to provide a forum for three main activities. First, it maintains an online discussion group for the exchange of ideas and information about psychology and psychoanalysis. The list currently has ~900 subscribers from 50+ countries. Second, it hosts a peer-reviewed online journal, the PsyArt Journal, devoted to the psychological or psychoanalytic studies of the arts. Finally, PsyArt organizes an annual international conference (now in its 37th year).

    In keeping with the spirit fostered by Norman Holland and the other founders, the PsyArt conference is perhaps unique in the field. It valorizes a convivial and supportive atmosphere, welcoming people at all stages in their careers, as evidenced by our long history of memorable meetings in spectacular locales all over the world. These intellectual and social gatherings have established an international community of colleagues and friends, over decades, which remains strong today.

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    Papers should use any application of psychology—including psychoanalysis, object relations, feminist, Jungian, or Lacanian approaches, cognitive psychology, ego psychology, or neuroscience—to  study  literature, film and visual media, painting, sculpture, music, performance, or the other arts. Our in-person conference is traditionally limited to a maximum of 75 papers; this year’s Zoom format permits a larger number of attendees.  As always, we welcome scholars from around the world. We also welcome conferees who do not present papers.

    Papers should be short, 20 minutes at most. Please observe the time limit. Normal speaking rate is 140 words per minute; for clarity, a presentation should be slower. Our standard 20-minute limit allows about 2400 words. An additional ten minutes are allotted for discussion for each paper, usually at the end of the session. The moderator is responsible for keeping speakers to 20 minutes. The moderator speaks last, so it is in his/her interest to maintain the schedule.

    If you submit your paper for publication after the conference, the paper can be as long or short as you like.

    English is the conference language. We recommend that any speakers who are not fluent in English accompany their talks with a PowerPoint presentation.

    Please add an abstract, 150 words maximum, to the registration form below.

  • Agenda

    Visit the program page for the complete, detailed agenda

  • Fees

    Fees and Payment

    Your conference registration fee covers organizational and technical support expenses; $25 of the fee is a tax-deductible donation to the PsyArt Foundation, which supports the conference, the journal, and the email list.

    The registration fee (except for the $25 donation) is refundable for any reason until June 1, but not for any reason thereafter. The donation makes you a member of PsyArt, entitled to attend and to vote at the annual meeting on Saturday, July 3, on Zoom.  Please attend and vote.

    U.S. registrants can send a check made out to “PsyArt Foundation” to our treasurer:

    Dr. Elizabeth Fox
    Treasurer, PsyArt Foundation
    2 Sparks Place
    Cambridge, MA 02138

    Alternatively, both U.S. and non-U.S. registrants from many countries can pay through our PsyArt account at PayPal.com. That way you can charge your registration to your credit card over the Internet with no delay and save the bother of writing and mailing a check. However, PayPal adds a 4% fee to your payment, so the payment will be $104 ($52 graduate students).

    For Western European and other non-U.S. registrants, our local bank puts a heavy surcharge on foreign checks. We much prefer that you use PayPal. If necessary, you can arrange a check for us through your bank.

    Non-U.S. registrants who cannot arrange payment through their banks or through PayPal should contact our treasurer Elizabeth Fox: emfox@mit.edu. Sometimes a friend in another country can pay on your behalf.

    Registrants may choose to sign up for a PayPal account during the Web “Accept payment” process. An “account” involves telling PayPal your name, address, and your credit card number.

    Signing up for a PayPal account does not commit you to anything – it enables you to use your credit card to make payments on the Internet to this conference (and anything else you wish). The Wall Street Journal assures us that this method of payment is more secure than check or money order.

    To begin the PayPal payment process, click on the button:

    PayPal Button


    Regular registration ($100 U.S.)

    Graduate students/ Auditors/ Special cases ($50 U.S.)

  • Register

    The deadline for sending us your title and abstract is May 1, 2021 or the acceptance of 85 papers, whichever comes first. Once you receive notice that your abstract is accepted, paying your fee assures you a slot on the program.

    Each person attending the conference must fill out a separate online form and pay a registration fee. Please indicate “No Paper” if that is the case. Otherwise indicate the title and abstract below.

    For a complete registration, we require three items:

    1. A completed registration form (see below) including paper title.
    2. Brief abstract of paper (150 words maximum), if you are giving a paper. These abstracts enable us to decide if papers are suitable and to place papers in  appropriate sessions. We also publish abstracts online.
    3. The presenter’s registration fee, to be paid after acceptance of your abstract, is US$100.  This year’s fee for graduate students or auditors who do not present a paper is $50. A late fee of $25 will be charged after May 1, except for auditors. No payments will be accepted after May 15, 2021.

    The registration fee includes a $25 tax-deductible contribution to the Psyart Foundation. The registration fee is refundable (except the $25 donation) for any reason until June 1, 2021 but not thereafter. The donation makes you a member of PsyArt, entitled—and encouraged—to attend and to vote at the annual meeting of PsyArt on Sunday, July 4. Instructions for payment appear after the registration form below.

    Important: Include your e-mail address below. It will not come through to us automatically from this form. If we don’t have it, communication with you will be impossible. Make sure it is typed correctly.

    If, by April, you are not getting email from us, let us know.  Please ensure that we have your complete registration (all three items) and your correct email address. Fill out a separate form for each person attending.

    • Paper Details

      Title of paper and 150 word abstract