Under the leadership of Norman N. Holland, the PsyArt Foundation began in January 1993. It supports psychological and psychoanalytic approaches to the study of the arts, including literature, film and the fine arts. The Foundation’s mission is to provide a forum for three main activities.

First, it maintains an email list and Google group,  for the exchange of ideas and information about psychology or psychoanalysis. The list currently has about 900 subscribers from more than fifty countries.

Second, it hosts a peer-reviewed online journal–the PsyArt Journal–devoted the psychological or psychoanalytic studies of the arts.

Finally, PsyArt organizes an annual international conference (now entering its 37th year).

The Board

The board is based in Boston.


  • President: Samir Dayal, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)
  • Vice President: Paavo Manninen, Helsinki / Finland (Europe)
  • Treasurer: Elizabeth Fox, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)
  • Secretary: Marike Steeman, Maastricht / The Netherlands (Europe)