The Presentation of the Unconscious in Three Biblical Narratives

By: Yael Greenberg Abstract: In this paper, I offer a psychoanalytic reading of the biblical narratives of Joseph, Moses, and Saul that demonstrates the biblical authors’ deep knowledge of the unconscious. In each one of these narratives, the protagonist’s unconscious feelings, resulting from family dynamics, are displaced onto society. This displacement is presented by interweavingContinue reading “The Presentation of the Unconscious in Three Biblical Narratives”

Hypnosis Under Erasure: Two Annihilations

By: Gary Genosko Abstract: This article analyzes the important role played by hypnosis in Jeff Vandermeer’s novel Annihilation. It then asks what becomes of hypnosis in the film adaptation of the novel by director Alex Garland as it appears to play no role. It is maintained that hypnosis appears in the film but it isContinue reading “Hypnosis Under Erasure: Two Annihilations”

Strange Creative Gifts and Freud’s “The Symbolism of Dreams”

By: Robert E. Lougy Abstract: Unlike the symbols found in folk-lore and fairy tales, Freud argues that “dreams symbols are used almost exclusively for the expression of sexual objects and relations.” Dreamers, Freud argues, draw upon an ancient language within their unconscious and thus have a mode of expression at their disposal which they doContinue reading “Strange Creative Gifts and Freud’s “The Symbolism of Dreams””