How to Make Sense of Lacan’s Rings and Straight Lines.

By: Robert Silhol 

Abstract: What is, for psychoanalysis, in 1975, a subject ? Such is the question asked by Jacques Lacan at the opening of his weekly “seminar,” a question to which for a year, 1975-1976, that is to say for ten one and a half hour sessions, he will attempt to give an answer. But did he give an answer? To find this out, the best is obviously to return to the last years of his seminar. Unfortunately, the published version of these sessions—edited by Jaxques-Alain Miller in 2005—stops with the twenty third volume of the collection, Le Séminaire, livre XXIII, Le Sinthome (Le Seuil, Paris), representing Lacan’s teaching for the academic year 1975-1976.